Ross & Marg Atkins, Paestan Canoe Hire,   
Winnap - Nelson Rd. Winnap VIC 3304   
Ross: 0429 381 875    
Margaret: 0458 553 708    

Paestan Bunkhouse Hire
Paestan Bunkhouse hire is now available for Paestan canoe hire clients.

The bunkhouse is self contained for up to 16 guests. Car accommodation is also included. The bunkhouse features table tennis, billiard tables, BBQ, refrigerator and small cooktop.

A new outdoor entertaining area has been added to the bunkhouse ensuring guests comfortable accommodation prior to their canoeing expedition.

Dartmoor Coach-House District Museum
Attractive stone coach-house built 1870s housing exhibits, photographs and records depicting district history. Local arts/crafts for sale, research and guided history tours. For more information, visit Australian Museums On-Line Website at
Museum open by appointment, most Sundays and public holidays. Phone Michael Greenham and Elly Colley on (03) 5528 1435 or (03) 5528 1319. Email

Discover MOUNT GAMBIER at "The Lady Nelson"
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