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Paestan Canoe Hire is owned and managed by Alicia and Ben Rentsch.

They have a lifetime of experience on the Glenelg River and enjoy guiding others to experience the region they call home

Embark on this scenic journey and take in the best the Lower Glenelg National Park has to offer.  Stretching from Dartmoor to Nelson, the Glenelg River Canoe Trail meanders through the lower reaches of the Glenelg River.

Known as Bochara to Gunditjmara people, Bugara to Wotjobaluk and Pawur to Boandik, the Glenelg River is a boundary and a connection for the three nations – Boandik to the west, Jadawadjali Clans of the Wotjobaluk Nation in the north, and Gunditjmara in the south and east.The river system was a permanent source of food and resources through the seasons, as well as an important travel and trade route. Resources such as fish, eels, textiles and bush medicines are still collected today.

The upper reaches of the river between Dartmoor and Pines Landing is no longer cleared of treefall to assist in sustaining our native fish and Platypus population; however you can launch from Pines Landing and take a leisurely canoe upstream to the park boundary and return downstream to camp. Paestan no longer allow any hire craft to pass the Dartmoor to Pines route due to injury to craft, safety and limited access in the event of emergency.

We aid Great South West Walk hikers by dropping canoes in at moleside where they can rest their feet up for a few days in a canoe and continue the walk again from Nelson.

Campfires are permitted in the fireplaces provided at all times, except on days of Total Fire Ban or high fire danger. Fireplaces are shared camp facilities and wood can be sourced from our property prior to departure down the river for a small donation.

Long Drop toilets are provided at all campsites and water is seasonally available but recommend it be treated/boiled before being used.

Each campsite can accommodate a maximum of 20 campers with bookings done through Parks Victoria “Glenelg River Canoe Trail” or by calling Parks on 13 19 63.  Schools must apply for campsites via email.

Dogs are not permitted in the park unless registered as an Assistance Dog – it is reminded that DEECA & Parks Vic lay seasonal fox baits as part of its Glenelg Ark project.

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